The Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams at Grace College conducts research, provides resources, engages and educates residents, and collaborates with local organizations to make the lakes and streams of Kosciusko County clean, healthy, safe, and beautiful.

It’s simple: The lakes and streams of Kosciusko County aren’t as clean as they can be.

We are letting too many nutrients, sediments, and other pollutants enter our lakes and streams. This is causing problems. It’s allowing too much algae and too many weeds to grow. It’s decreasing lake and stream health, safety, and beauty. It’s making our lakes and streams fall short of their potential.

The Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams does the following:

  • Conducts research that directs efforts to make lakes and streams cleaner.
  • Provides resources to lake associations to enhance efforts to make lakes and streams cleaner.
  • Engages and educates residents so we can include all of Kosciusko County in efforts to make lakes and streams cleaner.
  • Collaborates with local organizations so we can increase efficiency and reduce redundancy of efforts to make lakes and streams cleaner.

We have the expertise and tools to conduct leading research. Led by a professor of freshwater science and outfitted with necessary equipment, our team can perform high-quality research at a local level, focused on the lakes and streams of Kosciusko County.

We have the capacity and competency to provide resources. Our website is a clearinghouse of data, tools, and other resources pertaining to Kosciusko County lakes and streams. Our offices house educational and scientific resources; we make those available to the community.

We have the background and talent to engage and educate residents. Our staff is experienced at operating K-12 and community outreach programs, on national and local levels. Our Grace College student interns and volunteers give us the personnel we need to effectively and efficiently conduct education programs.

We have the infrastructure and positioning to lead collaborative efforts among local organizations. Our Grace College facilities accommodate meetings, workshops, and other gatherings. With a countywide perspective, we create working partnerships and facilitate exchanges of knowledge and expertise.