Current Effects: Clean Storm Water Project

Over 2,000 storm drains in Warsaw carry excess water from rain and melted snow away from our streets, lawns, parks and parking lots.

If care is not taken, storm drains may become clogged or carry debris, chemicals, dirt and other pollutants directly to a lake, stream, river or wetland. Our local stormwater is not treated before it enters our natural habitats. Pollutants such as cigarette butts, animal waste and chemicals that are emptied into the drains can negatively affect the natural wildlife in our county.

The cooperative efforts of the Art Integrations class of Grace College, the Center for Lakes & Streams, Urban Water Resources and the City of Warsaw Stormwater Utility initiated a storm drain art project entitled "Current Effects." Our goal is to educate our community about making daily decisions which protect our local waterways.

The QR code on this brochure and on each of the storm drain paintings connects to a website that offers more in-depth information about each of the storm drain paintings, the artists and interesting facts concerning our local waterways.

We hope that you will join us in our effort to protect our wildlife and to keep our local lakes, rivers and streams safe for generations to come.