Storm Drain #2

About this painting:

This fish may have been inspired by the Rock Bass. The Rock Bass, also known as the Rock Perch, is similar to the Smallmouth Bass. The only difference being its size, they are smaller than the Largemouth Bass.

The Rock Bass is easily identified by its six rows of spines and a few rows of black spots. Another interesting identifier, is its red eyes. Their tiny, but sharp teeth help catch prey (Rock Bass, 2016). .

Artists involved with this painting include: Constance Smallwood (Edgewood Middle School student, design), Elisa Younge (Warsaw High School art instructor, design), Jenna Bragg, Kelsey Kirkendall, Brittany Salazar, Elisa Yonge, and Julie Tu (painting)

Rock Bass, Ambloplites rupestris. 2016. Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Web.,4570,7-153-10364_18958-45688--,00.html.

Artist's reflections:

"As a class, we came up with designs to paint in downtown Warsaw beside storm drains to help people understand the importance of keeping our drains clean and to make them aware of the drains.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the impact this has because of the awareness it brings to the community and the impact it has on us as a group. This will change the community... People will be able to understand and be informed about the drains through street art.

I have truly appreciated being a part of this project. I liked the practicality of helping create several unified pieces from different artist’s voices. I have loved seeing the community’s response and curiosity and it has been a great way to inform others to protect our native plants and animals."

-Jenna Bragg

Artist's reflections:

"For a community surrounded by lots of lakes it is very important for the people to be aware of the water quality and pollution risks they can help avoid.

...I want to return home and look at my own community's storm drains. If possible, [I want to] talk to those in charge of maintaining waterways and seeing if they would be interested in attempting a project like this that we could get the schools involved in."

-Abigail Barrett