Storm Drain #5

About this painting:

From clean to down right unhealthy, take a walk with us and learn what lives beneath the surface of our local lakes and streams!

This design depicts the following species:

  • Caddisfly (moth-like aquatic insect)
  • Dobsonfly (aquatic larvae)
  • Water Lilies
  • Water Striders
  • Water Pennies (aquatic beetle)
  • Southern naiad (aquatic plant)
  • Mayflies or Stoneflies
  • Right-Handed Snail

Artists involved with this painting include: Brittany Salazar, Chantel Shetler and Julie Tu (design); Katie Morrisroe, Lauren Scavo, Chantel Shetler, and Grace College Graduate, Julie Tu (painting).

Artist's reflections:

"It is important to be good stewards of creation and take care of the natural resources we have. Many people are not aware of the pollution issue and how it pertains to them personally. It has been impactful to be able to communicate this message through images because it relates to everyone and brings awareness that could lead to change.

I have learned about the environment and pollution problems that occur in local lakes and streams. The research has opened my eyes to the use of storm drains and what my environmental impact is."

-Brittany Salazar

Artist's reflections:

"Since we don't have a drain system that cleans and separates the pollution in our water like in bigger towns and cities, we need to pay more attention to what goes into our drains.

This was an amazing experience and I am honored to be a part of such a good cause, by making art to raise awareness of it."

-Chantel Shetler