Storm Drain #6

About this painting:

Our parents were right-- keeping things neat and clean is always a must!

Sure, candy, soda, and all sorts of tasty snacks are awesome. However, be mindful of where you toss that trash! When we get careless, things such as candy wrappers, cigarette butts, and other trash-related items may find their way into our lakes and streams. Got some extra paint left over from a project? Instead of tossing it out into the drains, recycle it!

If paint is dumped into our drains, it can be very harmful to the plants and animals like the Bluegill (pictured), living in them! “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

Be the change, and keep it clean!

Artists involved with this painting include: Cambria Godsey (design); Jenna Bragg, Anna Cone and Lauren Scavo (painting).

Artist's reflections:

"By Creating fun and colorful designs around a few of the Storm Drains in Warsaw, we hope to inform others that we need to be cautious of storm drain pollutants and how we can help keep them clean!

Before this project, I never really stopped to think about the specifics of keeping our community clean. When I was younger, I was always taught not to litter, and to keep my surrounding neat and clean. However, that can only get us so far. Some people have that natural instinct to clean up after themselves and others do not. And they may not be polluting intentionally, but having a citywide project like this could be very beneficial for that reason.

Lawn clippings and simple things such as washing our cars seem harmless, but after a rainy day, or a bad storm, we are contributing to harming our local lakes and streams.

My absolute favorite experience of this entire project has been having the opportunity to interact with other people in the community. It is just so neat to me, to see initial reactions to the art on the sidewalks... Many of the people I had the chance to talk to informed me that they never really take storm drains into consideration, and many of them had no idea that they themselves were unintentionally polluting our lakes and streams. They seemed very thankful that we had chosen to take on such a cause. I know I am!"

-Cambria Godsey