Storm Drain #7

About this painting:

All Drains Lead to Lakes and Streams. This design concept was done by Abigail Seese, a Lakeview Middle School student. This piece depicts the following aquatic species:

  • Water Lilies
  • Water Pennies
  • Right Handed-Snail
  • Catfish
  • Water Strider
  • Artists involved in this painting include: Abigail Seese (Lakeview Middle School) and Katherine Barr (design); Katherine Barr and Anna Cone (painting).

    Artist's reflections:

    "...What goes down the storm drains goes into the lakes that we fish out of and swim in. What goes into those drains has a direct effect on the environment of those lakes and could cause high levels of blue-green algae, bacteria, and toxins to occur in the water, making it unsafe to swim in, and certainly unsafe for the wildlife that live in the lakes. The drains are meant to make people think about what they send down the drains before they decide to do it. You wouldn’t want to swim in a pool full of leaves, grass clippings, chemicals, cigarette butts, and muck. Neither does the wildlife in the lake, but they don’t really have a choice in the matter.

    I’m hoping this project will help clean up the lakes in the area. When I was little, I used to swim in these lakes a lot... They [the lakes] are not only a major natural resource, but also a tourist attraction. ...People began to really get interested in the project. Many wanted to help us out in any way they could. Sometimes all it takes is one oddball project to bring people together."

    -Katherine Barr