Lessons Plans

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Mapping in Kosciusko County (Elementary School): Students will learn the location of Kosciusko County on a map of Indiana, how to determine scale, how to use the grid system on a map to find a location, depth contours for a lake, how to measure the shoreline of a lake, and the length of a stream.

"Adopt-a-Lake" in Kosciusko County (Elementary School): Students will research a Kosciusko County lake and design a brochure advertising that lake.

Water: A Natural Resource (Elementary School): Students will learn how much of the earth’s water is fresh water, be able to explain the water (hydrologic) cycle and trace the pathway of water through the cycle, estimate how much water they use in one day, learn what happens to the water when it leaves their house, and list all the different ways a lake can be used by people.

Cattail Study (Elementary School):Through instruction and dissection, students will be able to identify the different parts of a cattail and describe their function in the plant. Students will be able to list at least 3 uses that Native Americans had for the cattail plant.

Outside Resources

Teaching Great Lakes Science (Elementary and Middle School): This website features usable data sets, an overview of teaching methods and ready-to-go lessons and activities. All the lessons, activities, teacher tools and data sets are free. Grade levels are highlighted after the title of each lesson.

Water on the Web (High School): This website is a complete package containing two sets of curricula, data from many lakes and rivers nationwide, extensive online primers, data interpretation and Geographic Information System tools, and additional supporting materials.