Resource Kits

Sense of Touch Lake Exploration (Lower Elementary): Students use sense of touch to identify lake objects.

Water Safari(Lower Elementary): Students will observe, identify, describe, and illustrate wildlife and potential sources of water for wildlife on a study site.

Erosion and Land Forms (Lower Elementary to Upper Elementary): Students will create their own land forms and observe the effects of erosion. Students will have a better understanding of the effects of water and erosion and how it helps to create the lay of the land.

Amazing Adaptations (Middle Elementary to Upper Elementary): Students will gain understanding of how animals adapt over time according to their environment. Students create their own fish with its own unique adaptations and describe them.

Macro-invertebrate Mayhem (Upper Elementary, Middle School): Students will learn the effects of environmental stresses on macro-invertebrate populations.

Silt-A Dirty Word (Upper Elementary): Students will be able to describe how sand, silt, or both affect water flow; and identify human activities that add sand, silt, or both to surface water.

Sum of the Parts (Upper Elementary, Middle School): Students will learn how everyone contributes to the pollution of a river as it flows through a watershed.

Water Pollution Activity (Upper Elementary, Middle School): By completing this lesson students will learn the importance of our local water resources and become aware of how their actions can impact the quality of the water.

Invaders! (Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School): Students will learn what aquatic invasive species are and then participate in a full-body movement game that simulates competition for habitat and resources.

Urban Waterway Check-Up (Middle School): Students will learn about indicators or “vital signs” used to gauge the heath of streams and rivers, apply their knowledge in analyzing the health of a hypothetical urban waterway, and then write a “prescription” for actions that can improve the health of the waterway.

The Pucker Effect (Middle School, High School): Students will learn how ground water transports pollutants and simulate ground water testing to discover the source of contamination.

Water Canaries (Middle School, High School): Students will learn how to investigate a stream or pond using sampling techniques.

Blue Planet (All Levels): Students will estimate the percentage of the Earth’s surface that is covered by water.

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