Little Barbee Lake

Data and Research Specific to Lake

Indiana Clean Lakes Program

Lake Overview
Volunteer Monitoring Data

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Lake and River Enhancement Program
     Little Barbee Lake Feasibility/Design Study 1991


Data and Research that Includes Lake

Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams

Comparative Water Quality Study 2007
Blue-Green Algae Study 2012
Lake Economic Impact Study: Property Value Report 2013
Blue-Green Algae Study Final Report & Appendix 2014
Barbee Lakes Chain Pre-Public Sewer System Study 2014

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Lake and River Enhancement Program
     Project Manual for Little Barbee Lake Putney Ditch       Dredging and Sediment Basin Construction 1991
     Project Manual for Little Barbee Lake Putney Streambank       Stabilization 1991
     Contract Documents for Putney Ditch Streambank       Stabilization Design Project 1998
     Design Report for the Streambank Stabilization of Putney       Ditch 1999
     Barbee Lakes Diagnostic Study 2000
     Putney Ditch Watershed Feasibility Study 2002
     Barbee Lakes Sediment Removal Plan 2006
     Little Barbee Lake Bathymetric Map 2008
     Barbee Lakes Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan       Update 2009
     Barbee Lakes Aquatic Plant Management Plan Revision       2007-2011
     Barbee and Chapman Lake Chains Water
      Monitoring 2014

     Healthy Shorelines Initiative in the Upper Tippecanoe       River Watershed
Fish Consumption Advisory
     Advisory for the General Population
     Advisory for Pregnant or Nursing Women


Lake Size: 74 acres
Max Depth: 26 feet           Avg Depth: 11 feet
Inlets: Putney Ditch from the south, Flow from Big Barbee Lake
Outlets: To Irish lake
Access: Public: For Barbee Chain: 2 mi S of N Webster on SR 13,      then W on Rolling Ridge to Rattlesnake Dr.; Handicap accessible
Recreation: Boat, Fish
Lake Bottom: Marl, muck, sand
Best Fishing: Bluegill, Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Perch
Lakefront/Channelfront Total Gross Assessed Value:      Barbee Chain - $184,138,500
Fish Consumption Advisory:
     Bluegill up to 7" - Grp. 1
Boating Restrictions: 10 mph speed limit at all times