McClure's Lake

Data and Research Specific to Lake

Center for Lakes & Streams

Comparative Water Quality Study: McClure’s Lake 2007

Indiana Clean Lakes Program

Lake Overview


Data and Research that Includes Lake

Center for Lakes & Streams

Comparative Water Quality Study 2007
Blue-Green Algae Study 2012
Lake Economic Impact Study: Property Value Report 2013
Blue-Green Algae Study Final Report & Appendix 2014

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Lake and River Enhancement Program
     Yellow Creek Lakes Watershed Diagnostic Study 2009
     Yellow Creek Lake Watershed Engineering Feasibility       Study 2014
     McClure's Lake Bathymetric Map 2014


Lake Size: 33.5 acres         Watershed Size: 835 acres
Max Depth: 30 feet
Inlets: Swick-Meredith Drain from the south
Outlets: Flows north to meet with Swick-Meredith Drain, flowing      into Yellow Creek Lake
Access: Through Mollenhour Conservation Camp; Need      permission from Camp to enter
Recreation: Boat, Fish, Swim (all from Camp)
Lake Bottom: Boating with permission of Mollenhour Camp only;      Must follow camp rules