Palestine Lake

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Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams

Comparative Water Quality Study: Palestine Lake 2007

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Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Hunting and Fishing Research and Surveys
     Fisheries Survey 2003
     Fish Management Report 2006
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     Palestine Lake Watershed Diagnostic Study 2008
     Palestine Lake Watershed Engineering Feasibility Report       2010
Fish Consumption Advisory
     Advisory for the General Population
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Data and Research that Includes Lake

Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams

Comparative Water Quality Study 2007
Blue-Green Algae Study 2012
Lake Economic Impact Study: Property Value Report 2013
Blue-Green Algae Study Final Report & Appendix 2014


Lake Size: 290 acres         Watershed Size: 20,815 acres
Max Depth: 27 feet
Inlets: Trimble Creek (Cauffman Ditch) from SE, Sloan Adams      Ditch from SW, Sarah Williamson Ditch from W, Robbins Ditch      from NE
Outlets: Trimble Creek to the northwest
Access: Public: Off SR 25 in Palestine; Handicap accessible
Recreation: Boat, Fish
Lake Bottom: Clay, gravel, muck, sand
Best Fishing: Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Yellow Perch
Lakefront/Channelfront Total Gross Assessed Value:      $8,829,500
Fish Consumption Advisory (Read Indiana FCA below for details):
     Bluegill 8+" - Grp.3
     Lm Bass 12-15" - Grp. 3, 15+" - Grp. 4