Papakeechie Lake

Data and Research Specific to Lake

Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams

Lake Papakeechie: Beneath the Surface
Comparative Water Quality Study: Papakeechie Lake 2007

Indiana Clean Lakes Program

Lake Overview


Data and Research that Includes Lake

Center for Lakes & Streams

Comparative Water Quality Study 2007
Blue-Green Algae Study 2012
Lake Economic Impact Study: Property Value Report 2013
Blue-Green Algae Study Final Report & Appendix 2014

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Lake and River Enhancement Program
     Lake Enhancement Diagnostic/Feasibility Study for the       Wawasee Area Watershed 1996
     Wawasee Area Watershed Management Plan 2007


Lake Size: 178 acres         Watershed Size: 3,301 acres
Max Depth: 40 feet           Avg Depth: 5 feet
Inlets: Flow from Hammond Lake
Outlets: Flow north to Lake Wawasee
Access: Private
Recreation: Fishing
Boating Restrictions: No motorized boats
Lakefront/Channelfront Total Gross Assessed Value:      $29,571,000