Price Lake

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Indiana Clean Lakes Program

Lake Overview


Data and Research that Includes Lake

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Hunting and Fishing Research and Surveys
     Fish Management Report 2000
         Appendix 1: Survey Report
         Appendix 2: Aquatic Plants
         Appendix 3: Fish Caught, Price & Long Lakes
         Appendix 4: Fish Caught, Price Lake
         Appendix 5: Bluegill in Price Lake
         Appendix 6: Bluegill Growth in Price Lake


Lake Size: 11 acres          Watershed Size: 58 acres
Max Depth: 42 feet
Outlets: Drains to Long Lake from northwest corner
Access: Public, South Shore of lake in Tri-County Fish and Wildlife      Area
Recreation: Boat, Fish
Lake Bottom: Sand, muck
Best Fishing: Bluegill, Largemouth Bass
Boating Restrictions: Electric motors only