Your Lake: Beneath the Surface

An Investigation into Your Lake's Health

Beginning in 2010, the Center for Lakes & Streams launched an ambitious research project: Studying 44 of Kosciusko County’s largest lakes to assess blue-green algae toxins. As we investigated, we collected data on water clarity, nutrients, dissolved oxygen and other parameters. After four years of research, this left us with a wealth of valuable information. Below are the summaries of our results specific to your lake home. These summaries compare your lake home to other Kosciusko County all-sports lakes. Explore the health report for your lake and the lakes around you by clicking on a lake name!

Beaver Dam Lake

Big Barbee Lake

Big Chapman Lake

Camelot Lake

Center Lake

Crystal Lake

Dewart Lake

Goose Lake

James Lake

Little Chapman Lake

Oswego Lake

Lake Papakeechie

Pike Lake

Syracuse Lake

Lake Tippecanoe

Lake Wawasee

Webster Lake

Winona Lake

Yellow Creek Lake

This research was funded by the K21 Health Foundation, Grace College, and private donors.