Lilly Center’s 10th-Annual Art Contest Calendar Features 59 Local Students

Release Date: 11/16/2017
Contact Information: Madisson Heinl, 574-372-5100, ext. 6446,

Lilly Center’s 10th-Annual Art Contest Calendar Features 59 Local Students

WINONA LAKE, Ind.— The Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams’ 10th-annual art contest, “Life at the Lake,” was a success! The artworks of 59 students are featured in the 2018 calendar, distributed by the Lilly Center. Student art depicted native water life and activities like fishing and swimming.

“The art contest is open to all 4th-12th graders in Kosciusko County,” said Caitlin Yoder, education coordinator at the Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams. “We want them to capture and display the beauty of their local lakes and streams through art,” she explained.

Next year’s theme is “Seasons of the Lakes & Streams.” All entries are due Wednesday, April 11, 2018. They must include a lake or stream, and show the student’s understanding of the seasons. Artwork will be judged by college students from the art department at Grace College. Winning pieces will be displayed in local business around the community and be featured in the 2019 calendar. The top six winners from each grade category will receive cash prizes.

“No artwork showing invasive species will be considered,” said Yoder. “For example, trumpeter and tundra swans are acceptable, but mute swans are not,” she stated. The Lilly Center encourages students to draw or paint native plants and animals. For more details, visit The Lakes & Streams Art Contest is one of the Lilly Center’s many educational programs that engages students in learning about the importance of local waterways. Through programs such as Classroom Lake Experience, Lake Adventure Days and Aquatic Petting Zoos, the Lilly Center installs 29 aquariums with native fish species in local classrooms and community centers, interacts with thousands of county students, and engages students in hands-on learning throughout the school year.

The 2018 calendar was sponsored by City of Warsaw, Clearwater Carwash, Didage Sales Company, Inc., KCH Lutheran Health Network, Lake City Bank, Louis Dreyfus Company, Medtronic Sofamor Danek, MutualBank, Surgical Power, Inc., The Papers Incorporated, The Watershed Foundation, Todd Realty, Inc., and Zimmer Biomet.

Winners of the 2016-2017 Lakes & Streams Art Contest featured in a 2018 calendar:

4th/5th Grade Category Winners: 1st place-- Oceana Bail, “Frog Paradise” 2nd place-- Claire Harman, “Turtle Tide” 3rd place-- Lexi Martinez, “Sunset at the Lake” 4th place-- Ella Perkins, “Calm Swim” 5th place-- Olivia Castro, “Sunset” 6th place-- Bobby Burke, “Sitting Duck” Honorable Mention-- Rylan Cooper, “High Flying View” Honorable Mention-- Yessenia Benitez, “Life at the Lake” Honorable Mention-- Paisley Clark, “Swan Lake” Honorable Mention-- Marissa Howett, “Wandering Duck” Honorable Mention-- Lillian Chaney, “The Beauty of Life”

6th/7th Grade Category Winners: 1st place-- Alanza S Valdez, “Lakes and Streams” 2nd place-- Andrew Zink, “The Pond and the Trail” 3rd place-- Macy Wayne, “Sunset Reflected” 4th place-- Andrea Crider, “Night Howler” 5th place-- Emily Harder, “Dragonfly at the Lake” 6th place-- Kylie Golble, “Holding my Breath” Honorable Mention-- Braeden Stidham, “Descending for Lunch” Honorable Mention-- Makena Smith, “Blue Heron View” Honorable Mention-- Saralee Hodge, “Fox+River+Forest=Life”

8th/9th Grade Category Winners: 1st place-- Celeste Logan, “Memories” 2nd place-- Ryanne Ousley, “Bandit” 3rd place-- Ella Kay Danner, “Flyby” 4th place-- Ella Beezley, “Girl w/ Frog” 5th place-- Cheryce Wise, “Turtle and Friends” 6th place-- Hailey Elder, “Dark Meadow” Honorable Mention-- Kendra Love, “Cast a Shadow” Honorable Mention-- Victoria Steinke, “I See You” Honorable Mention-- Payge Kreis, “House Near the Lake” Honorable Mention-- Megan Licata, “Spring is Coming”

10th Grade Category Winners: 1st place-- Austin Bowell, “Caught Unaware” 2nd place-- Katelyn Tower, “Mystic River Ride” 3rd place-- Shelby Rensberger, “Bite” 4th place-- Joshua Reynaud, “The Beauty of Mississinewa” 5th place-- Devin Blane, “Dream Catch” 6th place-- Stacia Hogan, Unnamed Honorable Mention-- Brayden Moore, “Pine Lake” Honorable Mention-- Dillen Hamilton, “Lakeside View”

11th Grade Category Winners: 1st place-- Jacqueline Werstler, “Riverside View” 2nd place-- Brianna Haesig, “Sunglasses” 3rd place-- Kyle Herr, “Glistening Waters” 4th place-- Reannon Hopkins, “Best Buds” 5th place-- Abigail Martin, “Campfire Sunset” 6th place-- Dreama Doggendorf, “Night at the Lake” Honorable Mention-- Shelby Miller, “Best Buds” Honorable Mention-- Laurel Moeller, “Tippy River Wood Duck” Honorable Mention-- Caitlin McGettrick, “Purple Oriole” Honorable Mention-- Heath Plastow, “The Hat” Honorable Mention-- Abigail Sanger, “Early Morning by the Lake”

12th Grade Category Winners: 1st place-- Morgan Keirn, “Catch of the Day” 2nd place-- Bridgette Yoder, “Indiana's Great Blue Heron” 3rd place-- Delaney Keirn, “Tackle Box” 4th place-- Jessica Hook, “Life is Better at the Lake” 5th place-- Britney Lewis, “Ducks” 6th place-- Maddy Foutz, “Fishing in the Moss” Honorable Mention-- Hayle Yohe, “Country Nights” Honorable Mention-- Brianna Cumberland, “Water Friends” Honorable Mention-- Brooke Christoffel, “The Lake House” Honorable Mention-- Racheal Fruitt, “Khun Lake Adventures”


Photo-Photo: Brianna Cumberland’s art piece, “Water Friends,” was featured on the cover of this year’s Lakes & Streams Art Contest 2018 calendar. The 2017-2018 Lakes & Streams Art Contest is now accepting entries.