Student Team Members

Summer 2019, brought to you by these students.

Each summer, the Lilly Center employs a handful of Grace College students to help manage scientific studies, develop and execute K-12 programs, and help manage collaborative projects, like the Lakes Festival. From mid-May to early August, these students work 40 hours per week at the Lilly Center.

Aquarium Team

The aquarium team is responsible for the management of the fish room. They feed the fish, clean their tanks and make sure they stay healthy. The team also takes care of a handful of other creatures, including turtles, frogs and crayfish. On any given day, the team could be laminating fish ID books, running to the store for supplies or cleaning Lilly Center community tanks.

Education Team

The education team is responsible for the K-12 programming. They develop curriculum, teach in classrooms, plan for Lake Adventure Days and other events, and much more.

Research Team

The research team members are our “boots on the ground” every week during the school year. They sample 12 key stream sites on a bi-weekly basis and, during the summer, 14 local lakes. The team also helps with special projects; this year, those include a study on zebra mussels and a study on the impact boating may have on the bottom of a lake. When they aren’t in the field, the students are crunching numbers and taking care of equipment.

Summer 2019