K-12 Programs

Ever dream about how to inspire K-12 students? We do.

The Lilly Center is passionate about teaching the next generation. We help students stay curious by teaching them to fish, identify their watershed, understand aquatic critter lifecycles and more. Our K-12 programs preserve the lakes by inspiring students… they are the future of our community!

Teachers, homeschool moms and lifelong learners, we’re eager to help you. From curriculum to field trips, we have a wealth of programs and resources for your classroom. We develop everything in-house to align with current teaching standards.

K-12 Programs

From Classroom Lake Experience to the Lakes & Streams Art Contest, we offer a wide range of hands-on programming. All Lilly Center resources are specifically crafted with STEM schools in mind! Students learn about pollution, lifecycles, erosion and more. Start exploring your options: