Lunch and Learn: Geese Management

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Location: Winona Lake Senior Center
Geese are a common feature in Northern Indiana landscapes, but what happens when there are too many, and what can you do about it?
We will be hosting a watch party for a presentation by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to discuss the issues of goose overpopulation and which management techniques are most effective. After the video, there will be discussion on how these issues affect us on a local level.
Lunch will be provided for free to our in person participants. However, you can sign up for a “virtual ticket” to receive the link to the IDNR presentation to view from home!
There are many tools for dealing with geese overpopulation. Figuring which tools to use, and when, will have the biggest impact on managing population sizes. The goal is not to eliminate geese entirely, but to reduce the population to a more natural level and reduce their negative impact.
This event is sponsored by Brian Peterson Real Estate.