Stream Sensor Parameters, Defined

When you’re on one of our live stream data pages, like this one, you might be confused by the legend to the right of the table. Use the following definitions to navigate the graph:

Water flow: Volume of water moving through the stream over a set amount of time. (We measure flow rate in cubic feet per second.)

Water depth: Stream depth, measured in feet.

Water velocity: Average speed of the water since the last reading, measured in feet per second.

Water temperature: Temperature of the water in Fahrenheit.

IQ system status: This isn’t about the stream; it’s a binary parameter showing whether or not our system is operating!

System battery: This displays the current voltage of the batteries that power the flow monitors. This is important for us to monitor at the office to make sure the solar panels are functioning properly and that the system has continual power.

Air temperature: Temperature of the air around the transmitter in Fahrenheit. (Essentially, air temperature.)