How much will tuition cost, and what are the financial options?

Grace’s tuition rates are very competitive. This coupled with the low cost of living in the Winona Lake area makes Grace one of the best values in the conservative evangelical seminary market. While the federal government does not offer grants or scholarships for master’s work, Grace Seminary is able to offer several scholarship options. They include the: GTS Sparks Endowment Scholarship, Church Matching-Partners in Education Award, and the annual Glimpse of Grace Scholarships awarded each spring.

If I completed a Bible or theology degree as an undergrad, can some of those classes count toward seminary?

While you do not need to have an undergraduate degree in Bible or ministry to enter seminary, it can be to your advantage if you do. We do accept your previous work as advanced standing credit. If course credit is granted, then there will not be any need to take an equivalent class or replace the credit for these courses. There are limits to the amount of advanced standing that will be granted. A maximum of 21 hours will be granted for M.Div. applicants and 12 for the 48-credit-hour M.A. programs. Please discuss this with the Seminary Admission Office during your application process.

If I graduated from a Bible college and received a theology degree, why should I go to seminary?

If you have already taken multiple Bible or ministry classes, a seminary education will provide you with additional tools to effectively serve Christ. Grace will provide you with excellent advanced training that will allow you to study Scripture and ministry in depth, so that you are fully prepared as you enter your ministry field.

Should I visit the campus before making a decision to attend?

Yes! A campus visit will offer you an excellent opportunity to meet with Grace faculty members and to get acquainted with the academic programs. If you come during the school year, we recommend that you attend a seminary class. The best day to visit is on Thursday, as we will arrange for you to attend graduate chapel, sit in on a class, and go to lunch with a professor or staff member. We will still be able to arrange a high-quality visit on another day. If you would like to schedule a campus visit on another day that works better with your schedule, simply click here, email Grace Seminary Admissions or call the Seminary Recruitment office at 800-544-7223, ext. 6001.

Could seminary actually hinder my spiritual life?

It is certainly possible that you can focus so much on your studies and your grades that you miss out on the growth God wants to initiate in your life. But Grace intentionally provides many opportunities that will contribute toward your spiritual growth. From weekly chapels to Day of Worship to required mentoring groups as well as courses in spiritual formation and prayer, students at GTS will find their educational experience to be spiritually transforming as well as academically challenging.

How will seminary affect my family?

Seminary is a time to prepare for ministry. You and your spouse both need to understand and agree that life is going to be “different” during your time in school. That is not to say that you shouldn’t try to find a good balance between family, school, work and local church involvement. The faculty at Grace is very sensitive to the pressures that your studies put on you and your family and are more than willing to work with you should unique situations occur. We are very excited about being able to offer family support through our SWIFT ministry. All seminary wives are encouraged to participate in the monthly gatherings that are designed to help wives prepare for ministry and handle their current situations.

What degrees are available in the seminary?

Grace Theological Seminary offers certificates for those that don’t have an undergraduate degree, M.A. programs, M.Div. programs and D.Min. programs.

What is the Grace Brethren Fellowship? Is it a denomination, and is it similar to Baptist denominations?

The Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, recently rebranded as Charis Fellowship, is a voluntary group of churches that share common doctrinal beliefs in a voluntary association of churches in the U.S.A., Canada and around the world. Grace is technically not a denomination in that it does not operate under a hierarchal structure and attracts students from a wide variety of backgrounds, both Calvinistic and Arminian.The worldwide Grace Brethren movement includes over 2,300 churches, with a heavy concentration in central Africa. Although the Grace Brethren doctrinal beliefs are very similar to conservative Baptist denominations, Grace has several ordinances that make them unique because of their Brethren/Pietistic background.

When you examine Grace’s Covenant of Faith, you will discover the following elements: Covenant of Faith

  • Calvinistic theology that is non-charismatic
  • Pietistic, with emphasis on a living faith and holy lifestyle
  • Anabaptist, where only professing believers partake of baptism
  • Dispensational
  • Pre-millennial
  • Pre-tribulational

History of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches.

How many credit hours per semester do I have to take in order to be considered a full-time student?

Students taking at least six semester hours are considered full-time, and anything less than that is part-time. This is important because certain student loan programs may require you to attend full-time in order to be eligible for deferment. Also, if you are receiving state unemployment, you may not be able to attend full-time.

Are you accredited and by which organization?

Grace Theological Seminary is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Grace Seminary is also a member of The Association of Theological Schools (ATS), having received full accreditation in the summer of 2010.

What if I only want to take one or two seminary classes without going through the whole application process?

Students that only desire to take a few seminary courses without completing the entire application process may do so simply by completing the unclassified student form. This process allows students to take up to four seminary classes before they apply and are accepted to the program. Unclassified students cannot take part in the GTS scholarship program. The unclassified student process was designed for those students that desired to only take a few seminary courses or for those that were late in applying to attend the seminary and plan to complete their application later.

What if I did not complete my college degree?

In some cases, if completing a bachelor’s degree is unrealistic, the Admissions Committee may grant “bachelor’s equivalency” to students who’ve completed approximately a junior’s level of college credit. Grace Seminary also recognizes that some students desire advanced theological training but have not completed a bachelor’s degree. For those individuals, we offer two programs to meet their needs: Diploma in Theology and the Certificate in Biblical Studies. The Certificate in Biblical Studies is also available in an online format.

What resources are available to me once I am enrolled?

You’ll find links, documents and tips to help you maximize your student experience. We’ve posted schedules, job openings for graduates, student forms and shortcuts to important websites that Grace students utilize such as the campus portal and campus email. As always, the faculty and staff of Grace are willing to help you succeed. Don’t hesitate to contact any of our staff and faculty with any concerns and questions. We are here for you.

  • Morgan Library
    Check out the campus library for assistance in your research and writing, access to thousands of books, articles and databases, and some great quiet and group study spaces.
  • Class Schedules
    Find current class schedules, including the time, location and instructor for each Seminary class.
  • Campus Portal
    View the assignments your professors post and check your grades and class assignments. Also go to the portal to find all of the Seminary forms you need for registration through graduation.
  • Financial Aid
    Find out if you can apply for certain scholarships and programs.

How much will tuition cost, and what are the financial options?

Grace’s tuition rates are very competitive. This coupled with the low cost of living in the Winona Lake area makes Grace one of the best values in the conservative evangelical seminary market. While the federal government does not offer grants or scholarships for master’s work, Grace Seminary is able to offer several scholarship options. They include the: GTS Sparks Endowment Scholarship, Church Matching-Partners in Education Award, and the annual Glimpse of Grace Scholarships awarded each spring.

Do I need to already have taken Bible or theology classes in college?

No, seminary is considered a first professional degree, which means programs are designed to serve those who will be taking their first formal theological class as well as those who have already completed a theological degree. You do not need to have an undergraduate degree in Bible, ministry or theology in order to enter seminary.

Does Grace offer financial aid?

Yes. Grace College offers a variety of merit-based scholarships, grants, campus jobs and loans. In order to be considered for need-based awards, you must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You will automatically be considered for and awarded merit-based scholarships and notified when admission is granted. See Financial Aid for more information or contact your Admissions Counselor.

What are the payment options?

There are two payment options. The first is to pay each semester balance before the semester begins. The second option Grace offers is an affordable approach to paying for each semesters balance. Students or parents can enroll in a semester monthly payment plan. Payment plans are offered for the Fall and Spring semesters. Read more here.

Is there a nurse/doctor on campus?

Health services are provided for on-campus students in an attempt to meet the general health needs of students. A registered nurse and physician are available to assist in medical emergencies and care for illnesses. If a student is too ill to get to the health center, a nurse will personally come to his or her dorm room and care for his or her needs. For more serious medical needs, Kosciusko Community Hospital (a major medical center) is just three miles away.

How safe is your campus?

Grace College students feel very safe, largely because of our great location. In addition, there are keyed entrances to residence halls and rooms, 18 security stations and well-lit sidewalks. Campus Safety is more than willing to escort students across campus after dark. Read more here.

What’s the spiritual life of campus like?

Spiritual formation is one of the most important aspects of campus life at Grace. We want to provide an environment that fosters community, encouragement and spiritual growth. We work to accomplish this in three specific ways: through chapel, ministry teams  and Growth Groups.

What is your lifestyle statement?

An important aspect of student life at Grace College is corporate worship and fellowship. Therefore, regular attendance at chapel is required of all full-time students. As part of Grace College’s commitment to a distinctive lifestyle and experience, students are to refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, tobacco, sexual misconduct, coarse or obscene language, or any other conduct inconsistent with the Christian values or the goals and traditions of the college, including morally degrading media and literature. It should be understood that any behavior indicating that an enrolled student has little regard for living a life honoring to God, or whose conduct evidences a spirit of disregard for the college standards, will be sufficient reason for disciplinary action or dismissal.

How can I stay up to date on what’s happening across campus?

Subscribe to the Apparently Newsletter, check out the campus calendar and listen to chapel audio recordings.