Strategic research, steady data gathering, timeless application. Repeat.

The Lilly Center’s mission is specific: use research to help make the lakes and streams of Kosciusko County clean, healthy, safe and beautiful. That’s our focus year-round!

Through strategic research, detailed scientific analysis and weekly sampling, we gather essential, high-quality data on Kosciusko County waterways. Then, using education and collaboration, we equip community members to protect natural resources. Here are a few ways to learn:

Winona Lake

Find Your Lake

Search for the lake you live on (or the one you plan to visit) to learn about it’s location, size, depth and more.

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How to identify Blue-green algae

Blue-Green Algae Research

Blue-green algae is actually a type of bacteria. It often blooms in warm, nutrient-rich water, and can pose a health risk to people and pets.

Ultimate Guide to Blue-Green Algae
Water Level in Lakes- How do people effect it?

Did you know that our research methods are approved by IDEM?

The Lilly Center conducts research according to an extensive quality assurance plan approved by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM). That document is available upon request.