Lake Adventure Days

Refresh their love for learning on the shores of a local lake.

At the Lilly Center’s annual Lake Adventure Days field trip, fourth-grade students from across Kosciusko County get to experience local lakes up-close, many for the first time!

Students get to do the following activities:

  • Learn to fish
  • Conduct water testing
  • Build a watershed
  • Compete in a water conservation exercise
  • Create an art project related to lakes and streams

Partnership with the Grace College School of Education gives college education majors outdoor education experience as they serve as instructors for the Lake Adventure Day stations.

Participation in Lake Adventure Days is open to fourth-grade classrooms in the school districts of Kosciusko County. (Schools typically bring all of their fourth-grade classrooms to Lake Adventure Day.) Homeschool groups in Kosciusko County are also invited to participate.

How to sign up for Lake Adventure Days

When determined, 2021 dates will be posted on our Facebook page and sent to teachers who have participated in past years. Interested in learning more? Contact Sarah Baier, our education program specialist.

Lilly Center Leads Education Programs

Sarah Baier

Education Program Specialist 574-372-5100 ext 6455