Original Research

The best-studied lakes in Indiana are in Kosciusko County.

Due to the Lilly Center’s original research, the lakes and streams in Kosciusko County are some of the best-studied in the state of Indiana. These studies are a part of that effort.

If you’re searching for the most recent Beneath the Surface, click the link below:

Scientific Studies & Fact Sheets

These fact sheets and studies cover a variety of topics, synthesizing and organizing data and analysis that spans more than a decade of high-quality research. Click on the title to download a fact sheet or study.



Lake Publications

The Lilly Center’s lake publications capture what matters most to you: the health of your lake. We observe established trends from the past and take a look into your lake’s future, and give to you in story-form. Lake publications like Your Lake, Your Story and Beneath the Surface make limnological principles easy to understand!

Your Lake, Your Story (2017)

Your Lake, Your Story is a special publication produced by the Lilly Center every few years. The 2017 edition is available below; the 2022 edition is available on this page.

The Lilly Center has closely studied local lakes since 2007.

However, lakes in Kosciusko County have a wonderful heritage of scientific research going back to 1875. Understanding the health of local lakes in the context of their history can guide future research and actions! As we investigated the past and present of local lakes, we researched and collected data on water clarity, nutrients, dissolved oxygen and other parameters.

Past data was collected only from university and government sources during the months of July and August. Both past and present research uses data collected in open water above the deepest point in each lake.

Beneath the Surface (2015)

The reports below are from 2015. As of 2019, Beneath the Surface is published annually and can be found on this page.

Beginning in 2010, the Lilly Center launched an ambitious strategic research project: Study 44 of Kosciusko County’s largest lakes to assess cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) toxins.

As we investigated, we collected data on water clarity, nutrients, dissolved oxygen and other parameters. After four years of research, this left us with a wealth of valuable information. Below are the summaries of our results specific to your lake home.

These summaries compare your lake home to other Kosciusko County all-sports lakes. Explore the health report for your lake and the lakes around you by clicking on a lake name!

This research was funded by the K21 Health Foundation, Kosciusko County Convention, Recreation and Visitors Commission, Grace College and private donors.