Field Trips

How much lake science can be taught at a 30-minute station? At the Lilly Center, quite a bit!

The Lilly Center offers indoor, outdoor and virtual field trips for kindergarten-through-fourth grade students. All field trips (even the virtual lessons!) are hands-on and experiential, as well as age appropriate. They are crafted to meet Indiana and Next Generation Science Standards.

Using place-based learning to connect kids to their local environment, all field trips give teachers access to helpful learning tools.

  • In-house programming uses the virtual aquarium and augmented reality sand tables, as well as lobby aquariums which hold a variety of aquatic critters.
  • Outdoor programming leads students through well-kept trails close the Lilly Center’s building, including a dock by a pond.
  • Virtual programming allows students to use premade kits to explore habitats, camouflage and more, all from their classroom.

Sarah Baier

Education Program Specialist 574-372-5100 ext 6445