Crop Producer Certification

This Crop Producer Certification is a brand-new certification program from Grace College’s agricultural business program, Kosciusko County Farm Bureau, Kosciusko County SWCD, and the Lilly Center. It is currently in its first stages of implementation.

Watch the following video to see what steps Kosciusko County farmers are already taking and why best-practices, like cover crops, are the focus of our certification program:

Impact Farming

Nutrient management, tillage, crop rotation and continued education. These practices are designed to promote high-quality agriculture, provide cutting-edge education and, ultimately, protect the 100+ lakes in Kosciusko County. Farmers play a crucial role in keeping them, and therefore our economy, healthy.


Our goals are to publicly recognize local crop producers whose practices positively impact the health of our lakes and streams, as well as to encourage even greater adoption of these practices in the future.


We strive to help farmers in Kosciusko County adopt and actively improve environmentally friendly practices. Practices include nutrient management, tillage, crop rotation and continuing education.

Target Area

This certification is designed for farmers in Kosciusko County, IN, but we hope to be a model for other counties in the future.

Want to get involved?

You are invited to support this program! Contact the Lilly Center to get started. Stay tuned for more details and promotion coming during the summer of 2020.