Field Notes

June 13, 2019

Clearly Home, Clearly Kosciusko

Kosciusko County is home to more than 100 natural lakes, the headwaters of the Tippecanoe River, and a plethora of small, friendly towns along the shores of picturesque waterways. If you are reading this post, you probably call Kosciusko County home for part (if not all) of the year. And you (like us) want to preserve its beauty for generations to come. That is what Clearly Kosciusko, a countywide campaign freshly launched in 2019, is all about.

Clearly Kosciusko aims to connect one region of the county with another. If you live in Wawasee, have you ever tasted the wonders of Igloo Ice Cream in Silver Lake? If you are from Silver Lake, have you ever stayed at Oakwood Resort in Syracuse? Visitors come on the weekends; as residents, we can enjoy the wealth of beauty, culture and art available in our county all week long. There are many shops to explore, events to experience and theater performances to watch. Here are just a few gems:

  • Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts
  • Town of Pierceton Antique Shoppes
  • Over 50+ locally owned discovery shops

We invite you to catch the vision and celebrate your county with us. Start with the hashtag #clearlykc to show up on our website! Learn more about the mission and our partners at