Classroom Lake Experience

It’s all about connecting students to the lakes, one catfish at a time.

Classroom Lake Experience program is one of the Lilly Center’s most well-loved K-12 programs! It enhances a classroom’s existing schedule by giving students a visual for local lake ecosystems.

The aquariums usually hold five to eight native fish, a combination of red ear sunfish, smallmouth bass, gold shiners, perch and channel catfish. Throughout the school year, students observe the habitats of the fish and learn about related topics. Since the fish are ones found in lakes throughout Kosciusko County, students are also gaining first-hand knowledge about what local fish like to eat and how they prefer to live.

All Classroom Lake Experience aquariums are sponsored by local organizations, and are installed at the beginning of the school year. Lilly Center aquarium team members maintain the tank, cleaning it and refilling food every 2-3 weeks.

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