Field Notes

May 20, 2021

How to correctly harass (and get rid of) Canada Geese

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After watching this webinar, you'll know how to manage the Canada Geese on your property in the right way and at the right time for optimal effectiveness.

Canada Geese are a notorious nuisance. Temperamental and beady-eyed, geese can pose traffic problems, damage crops, and increase nutrients in the lakes. They also tend to be noisy.

The good news is, there’s a correct (and effective) way to harass them!

The Lilly Center simulcasted a webinar from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources covering all-things goose: migration, habitats and nesting, as well as what poses the biggest threat to them. You’ll also learn what defensive behaviors to watch for (this is especially good for parents with young children).

But if you simply want to know how to manage geese and keep them off your property, skip to timestamp 22:38!

Goose droppings can add nutrients to local lakes. As with all forms of nutrients, it’s best to limit the amount to prevent excess weed and algae growth. By managing the geese on your property, you will also keep their droppings from washing into the lakes.

Special thanks to the IDNR for sharing their knowledge and experience! If you’d like to learn more, go here.

How to get rid of Canada Geese

What else can you do to help keep your lake clean?

Correctly managing geese (and their droppings) is one way. Another way is landscaping with native plants! They can be both beautiful and functional.

Native plants do it all