Field Notes

January 17, 2019

Live Wall, Installed

Aquaponics is at work in this live wall.

If you’re familiar with the Lilly Center, you know we’re always searching for ways to creatively implement our mission on our own property. So far, the Dr. Dane A. Miller Science Complex is home to a nature trail, green roof, virtual aquarium, 875-gallon hexagon aquarium and many more interesting learning tools.

But the innovation doesn’t end there! Thanks to a generous supporter, we now have a live wall. Not just any live wall; this one uses aquaponics to stay hydrated.

After cleanings, we’ll use water from the aquariums to water the wall. The plants only need 1-2 gallons per week. Any water that doesn’t get absorbed will be collected and returned to the aquariums, having been filtered by the roots and soil. Check out the before-and-after process below…

Want to learn more about live walls and maybe install one of your own? Visit the USDA website! Our wall was installed by LiveWall, and we highly reccommend them to you.