Field Notes

September 10, 2019

Logjam, Trash Cleanup at Deeds Creek on September 14

Get your hands dirty and your feet wet at the Deeds Creek Cleanup this Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to noon. This community-based, locally sourced event (hosted by the Lilly Center with support from City of Warsaw Stormwater Utility, Paddlers for Conservation, and Pike Lake Association) gives families and individuals a hands-on way to have an immediate impact on their watershed.

Who: This event is suitable for anyone ages 12+

What: Volunteers will clear logjams and other material from a portion of Deeds Creek. Experienced individuals may use chainsaws to help clear debris.

When: Saturday, Sept. 14, 8:30 a.m.-noon

Where: Arrive at the Fireman’s Building, 1013 E. Arthur Street in Warsaw on Pike Lake.

“Come with work boots and gloves. Bug spray will be available on-site,” said Dugan Julian, events coordinator at the Lilly Center. “This is a great team-building or family activity,” he added.

For those who RSVP, lunch will be available. Afterward, beginning at 1 p.m., Pike Lake Association will host a special informational meeting about the lake and its watershed.

Logjams and trash prevent water from flowing naturally. In extreme cases, if debris is allowed to build up, the excess material will reroute waterways. Cleanups create a clear path for streams, creeks and rivers to flow to and from our lakes. Just a few weeks ago, at the Tippy River Cleanup, volunteers spent four hours clearing six large logjams from a portion of the Tippecanoe River. At the Cherry Creek Cleanup last summer, volunteers cleared 20 logjams from the waterway, totaling nearly five tons of debris.

Lake-lovers can impact their watersheds throughout the year by joining the Lilly Center at stream and river cleanups, workshops taught by local experts, and guided nature hikes. Details for upcoming opportunities will be available as Lilly Center events are scheduled; sign up for the center’s e-newsletter to hear about it first:

For more information about the Deeds Creek Cleanup, email Dugan Julian at or call 574-372-5100, ext. 6452.