Field Notes

September 9, 2021

Clearly Kosciusko Podcast: An interview with Dr. Nate Bosch!

Read Time: 1 minute

You may have heard us say that the lakes in Kosciusko County are the best-studied in the state of Indiana due to the Lilly Center’s work. That’s a pretty big claim … but it’s the truth!

Listen to this podcast to find out how we were founded, what makes our research unique, and what the future holds.

Dr. Nate Bosch interviewed on Clearly Kosciusko podcast

An interview with Dr. Bosch

Get a 40-minute crash-course of the Lilly Center’s past, present and future when you listen to this episode of the Clearly Kosciusko Podcast.


The Lilly Center is a founding partner of Clearly Kosciusko, a county-wide brand dedicated to crafting a sense of place, community pride and connection among Kosciusko residents and visitors.