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All Lakes & Streams Art Contest submissions are due today. Please drop off artwork at the Lilly Center, located in the Dr. Dane A. Miller Science Complex on Grace College’s campus

Aquaponics is at work in this live wall.

If you’re familiar with the Lilly Center, you know we’re always searching for ways to creatively implement our mission on our own property. So far, the Dr. …

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When you’re on one of our live stream data pages, like this one, you might be confused by the legend to the right of the table. Use the following definitions to navigate the graph:

Water …

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a pond and a lake?
They are both bodies of water, contain living creatures and look very similar– so what is the difference?

Ponds and lakes …

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Solar-powered data fills in the details.
The Lilly Center has studied 12 local all-sport lakes weekly through the summer since 2007. Year-round since 2014, we’ve studied the major streams …