Field Notes

December 9, 2021

Here are our 8 most-viewed e-newsletter links

We carefully curate a handful of links for each of our monthly e-newsletters. These are the ones you viewed most in 2021!


In April, a new piece of artwork was installed by Center Lake. InkFreeNews called it the “crown jewel” the Buffalo Street redevelopment.


Love My Lake curates products (such as t-shirts, canvas bags and hats) personalized to several local lakes. Their online shop is closed for the season, but watch for their return in the spring of 2022!


Geese! Whether you love ’em or hate ’em (most people hate ’em), you probably don’t want them on your stretch of shoreline. This webinar from the Indiana DNR will teach you how to correctly harass waterfowl. It has been viewed hundreds of times since we posted it.


Is fishing your part-time or full-time hobby? Either way, you might like this handy digital catalog while out on the water.


If you’ve been around here long enough, you know that nutrients are the primary cause of excess weeds and algae blooms. This blog post will help you explain why!


The temperature of local lakes is essential to their ecosystems’ health! We did a year-round study on Lake Wawasee to monitor the changes from the coldest to warmest months.


Our second most-viewed link probably won’t surprise you: it’s about blue-green algae toxins! Every summer, we share weekly results that show the level of toxin in 14 local lakes and at seven local beaches.


As a small thank-you gift to you, we shared smartphone wallpapers for iPhone and Android. If you haven’t seen the wallpapers yet, download them today!

Things you should know about lake ecosystems

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