Original Research

Due to the Lilly Center’s original research, the lakes and streams in Kosciusko County are some of the best-studied in the state of Indiana. These studies are a part of that effort!

Beneath the Surface

2020 Beneath the Surface Report – Download here

Scientific Studies, Fact Sheets

Survey of Zebra Mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) Populations
in Fourteen Lakes of Kosciusko County, Indiana

A Study of Potential Treatments for Effective Management of Starry Stonewort in Lake Wawasee, Ind.

Cyanobacteria Study

Center and Pike Lakes E. coli Study

Historical References to the Lakes and Streams of Kosciusko County

Kosciusko County Comparative Lake Water Quality Study

Lake Economic Impact Study

Quantification of Lake Water Level Influences for Wawasee and Syracuse Lakes

Your Lake: Beneath the Surface (2015)

Your Lake, Your Story

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