Field Notes

August 16, 2018

The Bigger Story

Just over a year ago, we had the audacity to ask for $8 million to ensure the Lilly Center’s future — and you delivered far more than that.

We’ve spent plenty of time talking about the Lilly Center’s vision for the Dr. Dane A. Miller Science Complex. Our dream, our vision, our plan. But really, this space has nothing to do with us. It’s about you. Without you, this dream could never have become a reality.

When we asked for a room built to hold 80+ aquariums, you pulled out your tool belt.

When we wanted equipment to test water samples, you became scientists, too.

When we told stories about creating a learning destination for K-12 students, you imagined the possibilities.

When we wanted an open office designed for team collaboration, you made room.

This story isn’t about the Lilly Center. It’s about the countless individuals who made space in their hearts for our vision, for K-12 and college students they might never meet, for cleaner, healthier lakes and streams.

It’s impossible to quantify the impact you’ve had on our organization. Your intentionality has sparked big ideas, post-college careers, and whole new levels of discovery and education. Thank you for choosing to equip, inspire and encourage our team for generations to come.